Refund Policy

Be sure to get a refund in case of:

  • Double payment for the same order. If that happens, you have the right to receive a maximum refund.
  • Inability to match a truly competent person for your particular order. You will certainly receive a maximum refund if it is our fault. As far as frequency of such failures is concerned, we put an increased focus on exactly high-quality services. That is why the selection of a performer is a very scrupulous procedure.
  • Out-of-time work delivery. We guarantee that all the discrepancy causes would be determined. Keep in mind that it is better to share specific instructions with us if there are such. Otherwise, you are not eligible for a full or partial refund. Before starting the work, we should be provided with all the information concerning your preferences and requirements. We will set the new price for your order or return your money if it turns out that the problem lies in our services.
  • Incompetence in the selection of an appropriate specialist to review your order. Should this happen, you will receive 15-50% of your money paid. You will also get a 15% refund if your order is not delivered on time. We strive to comply with every request.
  • Our manager is always ready to find a customized alternative for you.
  • Inadequate quality of services. Our manager is responsible for the examination of each particular order to find out all the potential irregularities and to set a refundable amount.
  • Plagiarism. In order to receive a full or partial refund in this case, you should furnish us with all the information and valid proofs of existing plagiarism.
  • Other matters. If a paper fails to meet your requirements, there are 24/7 support services available at our website. You should pay special attention to strict time frames. 10 days after the last deadline passed, all payments will be non-refundable.

Please note that you cannot issue any money returns while there is an ongoing dispute. Moreover, non-refundable payments include extra fees as well as VAT.

No need to wait too long for a refund

All refund-related issues and decisions are made by a qualified manager who is responsible for scrutinizing every single order. If you are concerned about issuing a refund, you are able to get in touch with us via customer service at our website. You should keep in mind that there are no standard time terms because all orders are unique and customized. The procedure associated with money return takes 10 working days, on average. However, your refund may be sent even in one or two working days under certain circumstances.